"Are You Suffering From Back Pain or Sciatica? Have You Tried Everything To Fix It, But
Feel Let Down?”

Don’t sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed.

That’s why we made this just for you.

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Discover how to reclaim your life, get back to the activities you love, and feel better than you dared imagine

5 Best Kept Secrets to Fix Back Pain

(and keep it gone!)

In This Guide You'll Discover...

• Why your ​MRI or Ultrasound results are often MEANINGLESS!
• The biggest mistakes people make keeping back pain and sciatica lingering around longer than it should.
• The simple steps to get out of pain, despair, and hopelessness and win back your desired lifestyle.
• Hope and encouragement that something still can be done for back pain and sciatica.
• Why back pain and sciatica lasts longer than it should.
• And much more!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying

About Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness…

Bill overcame back pain after 20 years and is now enjoying something he long-thought he would never do again... gardening!

"About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my lower back.  I have been to several doctors with the problem and they all have prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers...until recently.  My GP suggested physical therapy as a possibility to help reduce my pain and give me more mobility. I must admit, when I first met Allen Eshmoili, I was a skeptic...what could he offer without pharmaceuticals that could possibly be effective? I was soon to be a believer. After my first session, I felt better and subsequent sessions only reinforced my conviction. Allen really is enthusiastic about his profession. Given a chance and following his simple instructions, the difference for me has been nothing short of amazing. Allen, whatever you are doing, keep it up. If you can help this 69-year-old function so much better, you can help a lot of people suffering with their back problems similar to mine."


Bill, 69 years old

Maple, ON


Caroline overcame years of back pain and is now enjoying her workouts and time with her family pain-free.

"When I came to Allen Eshmoili I was in chronic pain from a 4-year-old car accident. I was looking for a professional that would help me break the cycle of pain, not just put a bandaid on my symptoms. This had been my experiences so far. From the first appointment, It was a tremendous difference. At the appointment and after the appointment I did not have pain just relief. I was also given home care exercises to continue the healing process between my appointments. This is what I was looking for! Allen not only treats the issues but gives you preventative tools as well. Amazing!! Allen has my five stars!!"


Caroline, 56 years old

Richmond Hill, ON

A Personal Message From Specialist Physiotherapist, Allen Eshmoili…

Allen Eshmoili, PT

Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

When back pain starts, it’s easy to think “oh it’s just an ache and will go away tomorrow”. Or maybe you assume you just sat too long, or that you’ve ALWAYS had back pain. Even worse, maybe you think “it’s normal” because you’re getting older…


Is that how you’re feeling right now?


If so, you’re not alone. In fact, everyday at Premier Spine and Sports we help people in Vaughan, Thornhill, Maple, and Richmond Hill who feel this way.


You don’t have to sacrifice your active lifestyle over problems that can be fixed.
That’s why we made this free guide just for you.


You see, with back pain or sciatica, everyone asks us the same questions…


Why does my back hurt so much? (I don’t even know what I did…)


Why isn’t this back pain and sciatica going away?


Am I going to have to live with back pain forever?


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad information out there that causes people to live with back pain and sciatica for way too long. Here are the most common mistakes we see the people of Vaughan, Thornhill, Maple, and Richmond Hill making when it comes to back pain and sciatica...


Mistake #1: Thinking back pain or sciatica will go away with rest.


Mistake #2: Believing that back pain and sciatica will be “fixed” with painkillers.


Mistake #3: Assuming back pain is a “normal” part of getting older…


Mistake #4: Believing that since you tried other healthcare professionals (maybe even Physiotherapy) in the past means that it won’t work now.


Mistake #5: Relying on “Dr. Google” or YouTube for exercises that didn’t make any difference (or maybe even made your back pain worse!)


Mistake #6: Getting relaxing massages, acupuncture, or chiopractic to temporary relieve back pain, only to find it comes back after the massage wears off.


Have you been making these mistakes?


If any of this has happened to you, we want to say “we are sorry”...but remind you that you’re not alone.


In fact, we see people just like you every day. 


And that’s why we’ve created a free Back Pain guide for you. It goes over The 5 Best Kept Secrets to Fix Lower Back Pain… and keep it gone! (and you can click on the button above to download it).


But maybe you feel like you’ve read a lot of free information on the internet, and really just want to talk to someone about your problem.


Is that you?


If so, then we have a special opportunity for you (one that VERY FEW clinics offer).


We save a limited number of spots each week for time for people who are not sure what to do about their back pain or sciatica.


That way, you can tell a professional your story, and get your question answered first, before ever making a commitment to book an appointment.


Does that sound like something you would like to do?


Here’s the most important thing…


Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next.


They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.


The one thing we can guarantee is that by doing nothing, your back pain or sciaitca won’t get better.


So the next important thing is to take action.

Learn How To Get Rid Of

Back Pain and Sciatica 

And Regain The Life You Desire

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