Are You Constantly Rotating Your Tires? - Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness

My wife is off today getting an oil change at the mechanic. They told her that the tires on her car are wearing out unevenly and need to be rotated (assumingly so they can wear out more evenly). Unfortunately, rotating the tires won’t fix the problem because the uneven tire wear is only a SYMPTOM of a bigger problem, which is likely improper alignment, over/under inflation, or a worn out suspension. Unless a THOROUGH diagnostic process is done to determine which is the likely “root cause” of the uneven tire wear, we may be spending a lot more money on the problem than we need to (likely starting with the easier option of adjusting the inflation, then wait-and-see if the problem is fixed).

This reminds me of many of my clients who come to us after seeing other physios and chiropractors, even massage therapists. They likely found some quick relief that eventually plateaued. They decided to keep going, hoping the progress will come..after all, why wouldn’t it? It worked in the beginning! They continue to wait-and-see, but no progress. So, they seek alternative remedies that “just get them through the day”. Lotions, balms, back braces, wraps, ice, heat… but, no real change. They continued to more expensive/invasive options like medications and injections, even surgery…only to be let down and continue having their pain. Unless a proper diagnostic process is done, it’s really hard to tell what the “root cause” of the problem is. It’s no wonder the pain keeps coming back, they are just “rotating the tires” hoping their body would just start wearing out evenly.

Some are content to keep rotating their tires (seeking symptom relief) spending their whole life chasing, or avoiding, their pain. They are happy to make regular appointments to get some heat, ultrasound, massage, and a couple of exercises “to calm the pain”, knowing full well, it will come back in a couple of hours or days. They seek the symptom relief because they have lost all hope on finding a real cure. Rightly so, they tried EVERYTHING!

There’s an alternative. There’s always a third way, and it’s not a combination of the other two ways. It’s a different way. ~David Carradine

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