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When it comes to an injury or experiencing any kind of chronic pain, usually the first thought that comes to mind is:

“I need to make a doctor’s appointment” or “I need to visit the chiropractor” or “Maybe a massage will help loosen my tense muscles.”

To most of us, it makes sense that if we’re hurt or experiencing any kind of pain (depending on the severity) our first choice is, usually, to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Then, you’re on the phone waiting to see if your doctor has any availability soon. Turns out — they can’t get you in until next month. This is frustrating to you because you were looking for a quick way to figure out what’s happening to your body and find a solution so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

Here’s the thing. Even if you did get in on a doctor’s appointment the next day — I could probably tell you the solutions they’d give you…

  • They’ll wave you off by telling you to “wait and see” what happens
  • They’ll prescribe you some pain medications (which will just mask the symptoms)
  • They’ll send you for an X-Ray and Ultrasound then have you come back to go over the results, all of which can take a couple of weeks which will delay your healing process
  • Depending on the pain, they’ll either tell you that it’s a natural part of aging or it comes with an active lifestyle and that you should probably give up the activity that’s causing you chronic pain
  • Refer you to a specialist to see if that’ll help — which means making another appointment that you don’t even know how long you’ll end up waiting for…
  • Or they offer you the options of surgery — which is not something you had in mind.

Of course, depending on your condition and your pain — results vary, and sometimes the doctor is necessary.

It’s when you feel like you’ve tried everything to find relief — only to be met with disappointment. That’s when you start to wonder what the solution must be.

Here’s the thing — when experiencing pain, sometimes it’s hard to know what your best option is. You try multiple different solutions only to be met with constant disappointment. Why? Because you are most likely getting the symptom of the problem treated (the pain itself) and not the root cause of the pain. Because the moment you’re active again — somehow, the pain always finds a way to return — just when you thought you’d finally seen the last of it!

It’s never a good idea to become reliant on pain medication — although it can help with short-term relief. When you’re experiencing body pain, it’s important for you to get the correct and proper care and attention to make sure the pain doesn’t get worse or you become injured.

You’re feeling disappointed. You’re unable to find the relief you’re searching for and you’re about to give up when venting to a friend about your pain. All of the sudden, they suggest physiotherapy.

When To Know It’s Time For Physiotherapy

Your next question may be — when do I know I need physiotherapy? How am I supposed to be able to tell?

Here’s the biggest hint that physiotherapy may be the answer you’re looking for: When you’ve tried everything and are still left with pain that doesn’t seem to go away.

That’s when you know it’s time not just for physiotherapy, but perhaps a physiotherapy specialist who is able to find the root cause of the problem and effectively treat it in the shortest amount of time possible.

I know, trying anything new can be scary. But what’s important to know here is that when looking for the best physiotherapy clinic in your area — don’t just book an appointment. Request more information! Give them a phone call! This is an important step for you so you make sure that the clinic and physiotherapist you choose are able to help you correct the current pain problem you’re dealing with at its root cause.

Here at Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness in Vaughan, we’re ready to answer any and all questions before booking an appointment! We’re happy to talk to you and get the conversation started about the pain you’re experiencing and how we can help you reduce that pain so you can get back to living your life without worry. We want to make sure we’re the perfect fit for you before booking an appointment and setting up physio sessions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions — physiotherapists love that! We want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know us — it helps us know exactly what you need in order to feel the relief you’re looking for!

While you may be skeptical, take the time to ask questions, do your research, and talk to a physiotherapist and soon you’ll find that they can help you with your problems, starting your journey towards feeling good again!  If aren’t sure what questions to ask, download our Apples to Apples comparison chart with 9 Questions To Ask Any Physiotherapy Practice you can use to interview any physiotherapy clinic to find the best one that fits your values and goals.

To learn more about us here at Premier Spine and Sport Rehabilitation & Wellness in Vaughan, be sure to ask us for more information on how we can help you!